WinRAR 6.02

Image WinRAR 6.02
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    Windows 8

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Quickly compress and extract ZIP and RAR files"

If you are tired of slow file uploads or transfers because of large file sizes, there’s a better way to do it. With WinRAR, you can quickly and easily compress large files into ZIP files or RAR files without sacrificing anything. This is an excellent way to put multiple photos into cloud storage at once, quickly transfer large video files to an external hard drive, or even send big files as email attachments. When you need to see the individual files again, WinRAR will extract the files and return them to their original state.

Plus, it comes with additional features, like virus and malware scanning so you don’t decompress a malicious file that you found online. If it finds anything suspicious, you’ll get a warning letting you know you shouldn’t open the file. And besides ZIP and RAR files, it can also decompress ace, iso, jar, tar.bz2, tar.gz, 7-zip, z, tar, gz, and more.

This is the 32-bit version of WinRAR, so it’s compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

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